Aarne Talman

PhD Student in Language Technology at University of Helsinki

Research Update - Natural Language Inference with Hierarchical BiLSTM Max Pooling Architecture

28 Aug 2018

I’m finally able to share some results from my PhD research. I’ve been working on a natural language inference system and the results we have so far from the experiments are very promising.

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Research Update - Developing a Baseline Natural Language Inference System

19 Mar 2018

Some of my friends and former colleagues have been asking for an update on my research, so here comes the first one.

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Starting as a Salaried Doctoral Candidate at University of Helsinki

07 Jan 2018

I have signed with University of Helsinki to start as a salaried doctoral candidate (tohtorikoulutettava) in NLP starting in March 2018. I will be working in Professor Jörg Tiedemann’s new ERC funded project “Found in Translation – Natural language understanding with cross-lingual grounding (FoTran)”.

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Recent Talk at the Language Technology Research Seminar

29 Nov 2017

I gave a talk last week at the University of Helsinki Language Technology research seminar. Here’s a short abstract of the talk.

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New Research Blog

31 Oct 2015

OK, it’s time to start a new blog. In this blog I will eventually write something about my research.

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